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Renewable Natural Gas

RNG: Tomorrow's Green Gas

Today, biogas is generally used directly at the place where it is produced in a CHP unit. However, biogas can also be upgraded to natural gas quality and fed directly into the natural gas network. This way, the upgraded gas can be transported flexibly and economically to the site of use. Here, the gas can be used to generate electricity and/or heat with enormous efficiency, or it can be used as fuel.

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PlanET has access to all of the leading methods of biogas upgrading over a unique technology network. Reference plants worldwide, including the first ever On-Farm Biogas to Grid Injection plant in Canada, display PlanET’s experience and capabilities. To get more information about the usage of tomorrow’s green gas, please click on the following link.  Farm to Fuel: Developers’ Guide to Biomethane

Download: RNG with PlanET eco® Gas

Download: Biomethane fact sheet from the European Biogas Association

Download: Biomethane Joint Initiative