Ridgetown College Connects to Grid!

Ridgetown College Anaerobic Digester Connects to Grid

Ridgetown College Anaerobic Digester


For the last two weeks, the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown College has been generating renewable energy produced from manure and other organic wastes, for the local electrical grid. The anaerobic digester project is part of the ‘Centre for Agricultural Renewable Energy and Sustainability’ (CARES) renewable energy hub at the RidgetownCollege campus. CARES is a hub for applied and adaptive research, training and education, technology transfer, and rural community development in bio-energy and the bioeconomy.

CARES, with the support of FedDev Ontario and the Economic Action Plan, began the digester project in the summer of 2010. Construction was completed in spring 2011, at which time the digester was filled and heated to begin producing biogas. The project struggled to obtain connection approval with Hydro One, once the project was complete. Over the last year, PlanET has worked with Hydro One and RidgetownCollege to attain the proper authorization to complete connection to the grid. The biogas plant has now been producing electricity for the grid for the last two weeks!

PlanET is proud to be involved with the RidgetownCollege anaerobic digester project. PlanET, in conjunction with the college, designed, built, and commissioned the 250 kW biogas plant. With help from PlanET’s microbiology department, Ridgetown operators will ramp up their feeding schedule to maintain full gas production and engine output. The project generates 250 kW of continuous electricity for the local, rural electricity grid. The biogas plant is equipped to receive solid and liquid off-farm materials for digestion with the manure produced on-site. The plant will feature a PlanET 1,526 m3 anaerobic digester, a PlanET 18 m3 Dry Feeder system, a Martin Machinery biogas combined heat and power unit, a 2 m3 PlanET Pasteurizer Unit, and a PlanET control system.

Individuals interested in anaerobic digestion are welcome to contact Gregory Gray at 289-214-2651 or info@planet-biogas.ca or the offices of PlanET Biogas Solutions in St. Catharines, Ontario at 905-935-1969.

PlanET Biogas Solutions designs, constructs and services anaerobic digestion systems which produce biogas for use in combined heat and power packages or for sale to natural gas distributors.