PlanET RePowering Test


RePower = Increased Efficiency

PlanET Biogas Solutions has extensive experience assisting clients in upgrading or improving biogas plants built by competing biogas companies. Whether it’s adding a digester tank to improve retention time, adding a dry feeder to improve input menu flexibility, or replacing mixing systems to improve the digestion process, PlanET can help improve the profitability of your biogas plant.

Many biogas plants are not operating at their maximum capacity which has an enormous impact on the feasibility of the plant. The RePowering concept provides customers focused technical and biological advice and solutions to optimize the plant performance.

Example 1: Micro Crushing

There is a variety of process technology methods of treating substrate in order to increase the gas yield of your feedstock and to improve your plant efficiency. PlanET offers you a biochemical micro crushing process with PlanET DesiUs and a mechanical solution with the PlanET Gorator®. Maximize your potential!

PlanET DesiUs

Example 2: Advanced Dry Feeder System

Do you operate with a reliable and efficient feeding system for solid input material like manure or energy crops? If not, learn more about the  unique PlanET Vario or PlanET Mix Dry Feeder Systems. Contact us to visit a PlanET Dry Feeder in action!