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Strong Foundations = Strong Yield and Maximum Flexibility

PlanET Biogas Solutions plans and constructs biogas plants for renewable energy, organic fertilizer and industrial waste digestion with electrical output ranging from 50 kW to several megawatts.

Our experienced construction teams are in charge of installing and commissioning the biogas plant. Numerous highly trained specialists perform the various phases of construction under the supervision and direction of our experienced project managers.

PlanET’s turnkey approach to design and construction mitigates construction and operational risk while allowing you to focus on your core business. PlanET has diverse and extensive experience in delivering the following components:

• Concrete Tank Construction
• Insulation and Cladding
• Underground Pipe Installation
• Pumping and Mixing Technology
• Hot Water Distribution System
• Installation of combined heat and power units
• Dry Feeder Technology
• Complete Plant Control System
• Local Grid Connection
• Startup and Commissioning

Vertical integration and the use of in-house components ensures a quality installation every time. By working with PlanET as the general contractor you are reducing interfaces between sub-contractors which will simplify your involvement in the project.

Digester InsulationDigester ManholeHeating PipesSeepage FilmTemperature Sensor

Thanks to our innovative modular construction PlanET SYSTEMBIOGAS, we offer biogas plants with maximum flexibility in regards to RePowering. All components are equipped with connection-ready interfaces (plug & play), meaning that expansions or changes can be made easily and cost-effectively at any time. The product range includes farm-scale biogas plants for energy crops and agricultural residues as well as “Waste to Energy” projects for industrial waste.