PlanET Cows!

Inputs & Utilities

Explore Your Potential!

The PlanET Biogas Group is your reliable partner. Many types of inputs can be used in a PlanET biogas system, including:

  • food waste;
  • dairy products and whey;
  • vegetable leftovers;
  • fish and slaughterhouse waste;
  • solid and liquid manure;
  • poultry manure;

and other organic material. Many leftovers may not look pretty or smell nice, but they have an energy and material recovery value. We will give you some inspirations regarding “what is possible?” on the following pages. Below you can find photos from already existing examples.

Putenstall02PlanET Gorator treated substrate IIIPlanET Gorator treated substrateFerkelstallPlanET Gorator treated substrate II