Biogas Piping

Heat Use

Heat from biogas production enables reduction of thermal energy costs

Biogas offers a number of outstanding interactions especially with regard to the methods of livestock farming. Pig and poultry farmers, in particular, need considerable amounts of heat. Most of the  CHP’s thermal energy can be used for local heat concepts to replace costly fossil fuels or providing the operator additional income by selling it (ie: to public buildings like hospitals, swimming pools or retirement homes). Another way to utilize the thermal energy is to add a dryer to the biogas plant set up. There are several containerized PlanET plug-and-play solutions for easy integration into existing or newly designed concepts.

PlanET Receives the Award! Biogas Community Heat Use Schloeben Map






A very successful reference of a bioenergy village can be found in Germany: Schlöben, Thuringia. A cooperation between local farmers, the local authority and trade companies allows them the ability to heat the entire village with biogas. Each party benefits in a long-term WIN-WIN cooperation.

Download: PDF Reference sheet for the PlanET Biogas plant in Thuringia Village.