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Biological Service

Don't Let the Gas Bubble Burst...

At PlanET we understand the importance microbiology plays in keeping your biogas system operating to its maximum potential.  Our microbiology team works with operators to understand their biogas system by providing feedback on the operating plant and conducting analysis on substrate and digestate samples.  PlanET partners with local laboratories to analyze and interpret these results.  This assistance contributes to a quick start-up and stable operation of the biogas system.

North America Sales and Service

The most common analyses completed are our Substrate Tests and Digestate Tests.  The Substrate Test evaluates a potential substrate for estimated biogas yield, nutrient value and potentially harmful substances.  This analysis allows the operator to develop the optimum “menu” for their anaerobic digester. The Digestate Test evaluates the effluent from the anaerobic digester to determine the health of the microbes producing the biogas.  This test helps the operator to avoid issues before they impact biogas production.