• New Construction

    New Construction

    PlanET is your first stop on the road to building a biogas plant. We are one of the TOP 5 plant builders in the world with more than 400 successful projects. No matter what substrates you want to use – manure, crop residues, food waste, or animal by-products – PlanET has the technology and the people you need.

  • RePowering


    You want to improve your plant’s performance? Your technology is no longer up to date? You worry about high maintenance and repair costs? Then rely on our PlanET RePowering team and get back to top operation. Our quality standard: Better performance, higher gas yield and increased return.

  • Renewable Natural Gas

    Renewable Natural Gas

    Renewable Natural Gas is the green gas of tomorrow: If biogas is upgraded to RNG, everybody profits. The climate profits by the displacement of natural gas; communities profit by value creation which stays within the region; and the farmers profit by selling RNG to the local gas grid.

  • Technical Service

    Technical Service

    High performance, less downtime, high durability – good reasons for first-class service! Do not save money in the wrong place, but profit by short response times, high availability of spare parts and qualified service technicians – all from PlanET. We invite you to experience higher quality service standards with PlanET.